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This site is dedicated to all things fashionable and will celebrate those style Icons who have created their own individual style Today is Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Silver Madness


Oversized and sculptural in terms of shape for the latest jewels in silver.

1. Sass & Bide 2. San Lorenzo 3. Giovanni Raspini 4. Alina Alamorean 5. Frank Gehry 6. Kris Ruhs 7. Sandro Ramazotti 8. Nanis 9. Jewellery Theatre 10. Nathalie Jean 11. Chiara BCN

Versatile and functional, young and affordable – silver is the metal that more than any other lends itself to artistic and sculptural uses. It’s very ductile and malleable, a little harder than gold and adaptable to large sizes and plastic shapes. For Buddhists it even represents virtue. When it is made into jewelry, it is often displayed in art galleries as part of limited-edition pieces. Artists like Kris Ruhs focus on multiplying elements in natural shapes. Jewelers like Giovanni Raspini emphasizes on figurative reproductions of naturalistic subjects.

If the fashion world took inspiration from the creations of Paco Rabanne who dressed Jane Fonda as Barbarella in futuristic tunics made out of silver plates, jewelry designers looked to a more formal interpretation with high-impact power pieces. When silver is used as a textile, it can be turned into an ultra-modern ruff around the neck as in the case of San Lorenzo or a breastplate, like in the case of Mercure by Nathalie Jean, which highlights how faithful the artist is to soft, sinuous movements. French designer Alina Alamorean has an abstract and "disorderly" sense of sculpture while architect Frank Gehry is rigorous and minimalist. But it’s the “molecular” jewels from Jewellery Theatre that shows the scientific side of silver pieces.


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Style Icon: Iris Apfel

This eighty-six year old lady is the epitome of style. She wears big, bold jewelry and beautiful ornate clothing. So popular is she, that a book was written about her titled: THE IRREVERENT IRIS APFEL: RARE BIRD OF FASHION. The book contains clothing and jewelry that is absolutely breathtaking. I like the fact that she has and revels in her "individual style". She does not follow the "fashion path"....she has created her own.

Gracious Beauty Audrey Hepburn

I think that she will always be remembered most for her role in Breakfast At Tiffany's, but from what I have read about her, she was a beautiful person inside and out. Here is a quote that was spoken by her that I think sums up the type of person that she was...."never let yourself grow up believing that anybody if different from anybody else.....love each other and do what you can for your neighbor".

"Lady Day"

Billie Holiday gave new meaning to singing a song.

Daphne Giunness

Another "lady of style"

Diana Ross

As she appeared in the movie "mohogany"

Butterfly dress


"A trunk full of treasures"

Dolce and Gabbana "Face" wedge platforms

Manolo Blahnik

This shoe belongs on display.

Nicholas Kirkwood Couture for Alice In Wonderland

Nicholas Kirkwood Couture for Alice In Wonderland